Today as I sit  wondering what it is I need to share with the world, I am pulled to begin writing what I hope will bring love and light to those who wish to find a peace within that I know many of us have struggled to find in this life here on Gaia.

I love to take photos of clouds, sunrises, and sunsets.  For the time being the pictures in my mind remain within the realms until I find a medium that shows what it is I want to convey.

You see  for as long as I can remember I have wanted to write the stories and to paint the pictures that  flow through my mind,  which up until now I allowed to drift off behind the veils of time.  To wait yet again while I find the courage to allow them  their place out in the open for all to see.

I have always  felt  drawn to the sky. As a child I would lay on the grass watching the clouds feeling the Earth move beneath me.   At night the stars  glistened  like diamonds creating  magic around me  as they danced in the sky under a full Moon.

I have always had a spark within that glows and as I got older I realized  I was  different in some way I was always looking for my path but was not sure what it was you see I was very spiritual. I did what was expected always trying to make others proud of me but came to understand I was searching for something no one else could give me. As I began to Awaken from a very deep sleep It dawned on me  that what I was looking for was here inside of me.




4 thoughts on “CRYSTALINE BLUE

  1. Dearest Suzanne , I love your blog dear one ! Just like you have I have found out who I am and where I am from ! I also have Master Melchizedek as one of my guide . It is a good feeling to know something about who we are ! Love you dear sister , keep up the good work …roew


    • Dearest roew love finds us all when we least expect it. As the heart opens and we leave the mind and ego in the corner our heart begins to respond opening up and revealing our true selves. I am so happy for you now you must listen to your thoughts ask a question and wait you will receive an answer. then with your heart feel and you will know who has answered. Always keep grounded and know you are protected. love and light and blessings Suzanne


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