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New Earth


Many lands have been devastated by war,drought,flooding and many other natural disasters some man made. Now is the time for Humanity in these areas to sit back and look at what has happened and begin the study of the environment. Many have built large cities by the oceans and are now finding that these  areas are not as safe as once thought. Many are living in environments that have no natural earth beauty around them. It is now time to find a balance that works for Humanity and the Natural environment. We need to look at the buildings we are developing and the materials we use. Many forests have been cut down and  lost due to consumption in one way or another and in its wake we have lands less fertile, erosion, stagnant rivers and streams.  As a collective we all have many skills we just need to combine them and find the solutions to our problems. We can begin looking at sustainable ways to live and to build. We can begin replanting forests in areas that will stop the erosion of our lands and move away from the large city concepts we have been bought up with. The amount of Cars we have on the roads is choking the Earth and she is unable to breath under layers of concrete and pathways. In many ways we would be able to plan railway systems that flow through areas that would transport people to where they needed to go as well as goods. I am not talking of these trains we have now I am talking of the streamline ones yet to be built. Towns would spring up with forest glades running alongside them with natural pathways leading to schools set in glades where children learn how the natural environment works in conjunction with the stars and the universe. Cities of light would flow in an organic way with theatres of learning for all where we would begin to learn the truth of Earth and how she works along side us not separated but in conjunction.  Many reading this will say it is too hard, I have no skill, I have no money. I would say to you alone you feel these things, together the possibilities are endless. You are all teachers in one way or another, mothers have many skills that compliment the men in this world if they are allowed to let their voices be heard. Many have skills in building, farming, cultivating, inventing, the lists are endless. Yes there are those who do not have the financial resources but there are also those who do and if we take this out of the equation and look to what we have in common all else falls away and we are able to plan and put everyone in areas of expertise along with those ready to learn, ready to live in a world  they have built together in love and light and in doing so we also bring in the peace we have all been searching for and the freedom of knowing we have done this as one in conjunction with Earth and the combined collective of all Humanity regardless of Race, Religion or Politics. We have then shown we are the ones in charge and that no more will money, greed, and power rule anyone on this Earth.  All it takes is those committed to change to begin stripping away the so called power the elite have made you think they have yes that is what I said. We the collective of Humanity have unwittingly feed this monster by our actions, I will not tell you how.  I want each one of you to think about what it is that you do on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis and look at the patterns that form not only in your life now but all those within your family and friends then you may get an understanding as to what I am saying. I know these are just words and I am the one writing them. If my voice can be heard then imagine what will happen if every voice upon this beautiful Planet Earth raised their voices in unison the music would fire the soul and lift the spirit of Humanity to infinite heights of possibilities and a never ending adventure into the Universe we now call home.  May love light and blessings flow forth to all Humanity as Heaven truly begins to open to us all. Suzanne.


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