Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Messengers…The Bell Tolls…

Now in Printed format for all who are curious in nature or feel something deep in their soul, many answers lay within the words and lyrics.

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* “Bell, Book & Candle” by Eddi Reader

The Circle of Light was shimmering
As if to echo some magical moment.

Ceres sat beside me smiling, beaming
With this quiet, friendly glow of comfort
And support…While Valerius held out
The Hour Glass…That book, that mysterious
Magic book…What was it anyhow?

“Use it, Bill.” Valerius only said kindly.
I swear he was the kindest of them
I had met so far. “It’s your turn…
We don’t always have to tell stories.
Sometimes the messages may be brief.
They don’t always have to come in
Lengthy words.”

“If anything,” Ceres said, “hasn’t Varence
Always said how they like to hear
More direct words?” She nodded at the book.
“Use it. Listen to Valerius. Do as he
Says and use it for yourself. You
Are allowed to do that. How long
Have you been doing this now?”

“I’m afraid to ask anything.”

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