Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Messengers…The Bell Tolls…

Now in Printed format for all who are curious in nature or feel something deep in their soul, many answers lay within the words and lyrics.

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* “Bell, Book & Candle” by Eddi Reader

The Circle of Light was shimmering
As if to echo some magical moment.

Ceres sat beside me smiling, beaming
With this quiet, friendly glow of comfort
And support…While Valerius held out
The Hour Glass…That book, that mysterious
Magic book…What was it anyhow?

“Use it, Bill.” Valerius only said kindly.
I swear he was the kindest of them
I had met so far. “It’s your turn…
We don’t always have to tell stories.
Sometimes the messages may be brief.
They don’t always have to come in
Lengthy words.”

“If anything,” Ceres said, “hasn’t Varence
Always said how they like to hear
More direct words?” She nodded at the book.
“Use it. Listen to Valerius. Do as he
Says and use it for yourself. You
Are allowed to do that. How long
Have you been doing this now?”

“I’m afraid to ask anything.”

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Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…Constellations…Voices from the Stars…

Connections begin to multiply, our story contained in the stars above, our history stored within nature the universal language of light now begins to flow and resonate within the soul thread that is within each one of us.

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* Under The Sky by Heart

It’s different now…
No matter who, no matter where or how
Everyone knows it…Of course each will
Explain it a thousand different ways,
To each their own, everyone needs different
Answers…If you can accept that then you
Can move peacefully on…

The pulse, the drive, to feel alive, to feel free…
The pen and the paper becomes the
Dialing device…waiting for them. Then there
Is the Circle of Light, from the Mind
And the Mind’s Eyes…The Bridge to Them…

Brishan sits waiting, with a firm, serious
Expression…like no man I’ve ever seen,
That’s a good comparison…Perfect. Strong and
Chiseled…I’m jealous of his hair; wow.
He laughs at that, but remains serious.
“It’s time to talk some more.”

“I know.” I say.

Ceres looks quiet, calm but confused…still
Amazingly beautiful. There is no doubt in my
Mind if anyone saw them this way they

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Valiant: Knock, Knock… The Parable of the King

There are more things on Heaven and Earth that connect us all in one way or another. We just have to believe for it is in the belief that we finally see truth <3

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* “The Bonny Swans” by Loreena McKennit

It’s always about the music…
Somehow when the right song plays
Magic happens.
I’ve said before that songs answer riddles.
Sound is a power, a force…
The riddles are answered in more ways than one.

The bridge to the Circle of Light.
Wait for the call, the sound, the song,
And the voice answers.

He sat there very pleased, looking
More than an amazing statue of Hercules
With his long blond hair and wise, strong,
Chiseled face. “I think she was right,
It was the right time for that story.”
Brishan said with a smile. “I was going
To wait a while to suggest it, but I
Must say…I agree, it was the right
Time.” He turned to his sister as she
Sat there smiling mysteriously. “I think
Perhaps all that time with Apollo had
A good influence on you…Oh wait, forgive

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Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Ancient Cataclysm…

This promise is happening as we move into the coming year. The world is changing and it has become very visible.

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* “After All the Love Is Gone” by Alias

Long Ago…It was a dark age.
Deny what we were told to see, hear and feel
The Lost Days…

The dazzling cities masterly crafted
Of diamonds and gold…marbled and gemstone
Monoliths…The city streets moved with machines
And the lost sciences of the Ancients
Granted the First People of Earth conveniences
Unlike we know now. It was more.
Everything was more…

They were perfect by comparison, they were wise…
Not slow and dumb meandering and
Grunting about like animals.
The Ancients were beyond us,
And they knew what they were doing.
They lectured, preached and debated
And worshipped with many faiths and
Religions…The Glory of Empowerment
For one instead of all, that is how they
Lost their unity…

It was not on purpose of destruction,
They were just trying to find their own
Answers, their own way…And that is the

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Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Animals of Noah’s Ark…

This one was very powerful it bought tears as i felt Ceres heart ripped open.

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* “Animal” by Def Leppard–vvf0

Back to the lost story of a lost time…
This story is shared not to condemn
But learn from the past…
So that history does not repeat itself…

On the Watcher’s ship…The vessel sent
Back by the Tribunal to repair an intervention…
Poised higher in dimension to avoid detection,
The mighty BR’Riel, noble Ascended Master
Of the Lion Men’s Temple…sat in the
Captain’s chair quietly pondering all that
Had transpired…At the time, everything
Was beyond their control…The Watchers
Had now become players to
A higher power…perhaps a divine plan
To a timeline that seemed incomprehensible…

“Tell me of the cities of this Earth
That we now fall witness to.” He ordered
To the now quiet humbled Apollo. “If we
Are to serve a purpose here I would
Like to know as much as possible.”

Apollo turned slowly, glancing at the fair
Ceres briefly…She would…

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Valiant: Knock knock…The Watchers…The Story of Noah…

This makes so much more sense read between the lines and let go of what you have been programmed to think and allow truth to wash over you. Aha moments begin to happen more often as the puzzle begins to form.

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* “Original Sin” by Taylor Dayne

Outside of time and space
Refugees from war torn decimated worlds
Found sanctuary in a secret place…
Where they forged a civilization beyond conception
A society, a federation that pledged
To Watch over, and learn from other worlds
In order to one day save the universe
From an Ancient Evil, a Dark Empire
That threatens to control and destroy
All life.

These unified lost refugees in their
Newly formed secret society became known
As the Watchers…
And they have been Watching US, and all worlds
For a very long time.

You are absolutely free to believe whatever
You choose…I share these stories
Because I was asked to…

Months ago I related a story, a gift
To me…magical, that I passed on to you
Of a Watcher named Ceres, of an ancient
Royal human bloodline…It was the story of
How she came to Earth…

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Valiant: Knock knock…The Watchers…Parallel Dimensions…

Spirit Train Chronicles

*SONG* “Solitaire” by Laura Branigan

For some time now things have felt off…
The sense of time warped, twisted
As if nothing makes sense,
Or has lost its synchronicity somehow.
For me it’s felt like time has been
Suspended or distorted since 2009…
Especially May of 2009…
Something has been off,
And whatever it is…that date 2009
Keeps popping back up…
Others have told me this too, so if
You have felt this as well you are
Not alone…
Share those stories, The Bubble Burst
And mysteries will unfold.

Solitaire, that song…it never felt
So right as it has now.
Lost and confused, that sense
Of being alone…waiting for something
To happen…

Into, Upon the Circle of Light…
By the call, by the time,
By choice, by will, by command.
It’s a mission. Can’t stop now.

His voice, deep and strong like
Thunder, but a charm so kind…

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